Career Training

Customized training programs support career development and economic growth

Being responsive to current industry needs, we are creating curriculum that successfully impacts jobs and economic development within the community.

Courses offered at the Science Center assist individuals seeking career development via short-term, customizable pre-vocational training. Programs, combined with work-based learning, provide participants with real work experiences that are designed to meet the need for occupations in high demand. Instruction labs are available to provide pre-vocational training programs such as 3D digital fabrication, Microsoft Office Suite certification, construction, and soldering & cabling.

With the rapid pace of innovation and technology advancements, we recognize a need for strategic collaboration between STEM educators and industry partners. Through the Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing Institute, a network for research and information sharing, we are collaborating with these organizations on emerging trends and technologies. We also provide opportunities for companies to become more competitive and profitable through enterprise assessment, technology acceleration, supply chain optimization, process improvement and training.