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2015 Spring Break Camp

No school? No problem. Come join us for some fun over spring break!

DATES: Monday, March 30, 2015 - Friday, April 3, 2015

PRICE: The cost for the 5-day camp is $180


OUTDOOR EXPLORERS: Did you ever wonder why your shadow changes size or who lives in a pond? How animals and humans interact in the environment? Campers will find out the answers to these and other questions as they take a morning walking tour of the Science Center’s 7-acres including the Nature Trail and Wetland areas. Fun projects will include recyclable art.


T-REX & FRIENDS: What should you do if you see a 20-foot T-Rex in your backyard? Well for one thing don’t let your pets out. This oversized carnivore is one of the many dinosaurs you will study in this class. We will read stories and make crafts. In the afternoon some of our resident reptiles will be paying our class a visit.


GLOBAL SAFARI: Safari comes from the Swahili word for journey so grab your safari hats and hiking boots and spend the morning on a journey to the four corners of the globe, without leaving the comfort of your classroom. Explore the steamy forests of the Amazon and the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic Tundra as you examine the world’s wildlife and food webs. Some of our resident animals will be stopping by for you to meet them.


SUPER SCIENCE LAB: Who lives in a drop of pond water? How many calories are in a Cheeto? What is a non-Newtonian fluid? Spend your afternoon learning the answers and becoming familiar with the use of laboratory equipment such as Beakers, Flasks, Scales and Microscopes as we do investigations and experiments in the fields of Chemistry, Meteorology, Biology, and Food Science.

*Minimum program requirement, students must be enrolled in Kindergarten or older.

Campers will participate in both classes for their age group.

Download the 2015 Spring Break Camp Catalog


Science Center Store

Something for everyone...from budding geologists to amateur astronomers!

Would you like to know where you can purchase a Creature Peeper, a Hand Boiler, or old-fashioned Silly Putty? You can find these items and many more treasures at the Science Center gift store. The store is a one-stop shop for starter telescopes and all things science-related.

Shop the online store!


2014-2015 STEME Catalog

Our school year field trip program (STEME) is a ninety minute experience based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Students in grades K-3 take part in two-45 minute classes while 4th grade and up have a 90 minute session. Classes are divided by content area (life, physical, earth and space, and nature of science).

If you are a Pinellas County public school you will need to coordinate your class choices with the county pacing guide in order for bussing to be provided.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions. Included in the catalog is the registration information.

Download the 2014-2015 Catalog

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