Pre-vocational Training

Our short-term, customized pre-vocational training courses are designed to meet the demand for specialized workers. In partnership with local employers, our training programs are integrated with work-based learning opportunities to give participants real-time knowledge of work environments and practices. Classes are taught by industry experts who are highly experienced in their profession.

You can be on the job with 3 to 5 weeks of training!

Programs Offered

3D Digital Fabrication / CNC – In the 3D Digital Fabrication / CNC class you’ll learn how technologies are changing the way things are made! Learn the basics in manufacturing, quality control, and costing of the products to better serve in continuous improvement efforts.

During the course students move their designs from a model to a manufactured part via 3D printing and CNC methods. Students are introduced to design and CAD/CAM software. The program includes a FANUC CNC certification with instructor led classroom lecture, self-paced on-line instruction, and hands-on activities using a FANUC CNC simulator.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $11.00/Hour

Certified Production Technician – Get prepared for front-line production work in manufacturing! Students will earn the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician credential that may be used towards a two-year A.S. program providing students with up to fifteen (15) credit hours.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $11.00/Hour

Industrial Machine Maintenance – In this class students learn the basic operation of factory equipment and other industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment.  The program introduces students to mechanical systems, industrial electricity and PLC basics.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $11.00/Hour

Soldering & Cabling - Come learn electronic assembly and earn J Standard and IPC 610 Certifications!   Both the J Standard and IPC 610 credentials are industry recognized/required soldering and inspection programs for aerospace, defense, medical and a variety of other electronic assembly industries.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $10.00/Hour

Construction - Learn the fundamentals of construction! Students will be exposed to OSHA safety, basic math, print reading, HVAC fundamentals, plumbing fundamentals, sheet rock, masonry, and basics of electrical wiring.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $10.00/Hour

Irrigation Technician – Learn basic excavation, pipefitting and all tasks associated with maintenance, repair and entry level management of irrigation systems.

Starting Wage: Entry Level $10.00/Hour

Hospitality - The hospitality and tourism industry has been a mainstay within the Tampa Bay region. This industry sector continues to grow and offer long-term career opportunities. Job opportunities within the Tampa Bay region will grow at 16% above the national average with average earnings of $47,187.

Individuals enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to earn one or more of the following AHLEI certifications:

Guest Service Gold (Customer Service I)
Guest Service Golden Opportunities Customer Service (II)
Desk Representative
Guest Room Attendant
Restaurant Server
Maintenance Employee
Food Prep

For those with previous experience these certifications can help you land your next job. For those without experience in the industry, these certifications will give you the edge with employers. Classes are self-paced and certifications can be earned in less than a week.

Microsoft Office Specialist – Be Microsoft certified in as little as 3-weeks! Microsoft Office Certification builds career readiness through proven Microsoft Office skills. Here is your opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications in an open lab learning environment with small study groups and individual attention.

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